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Smoking cessation

Imagine never wanting a cigarette again? Imagine how it would feel to be clear of the physical and emotional cravings smoking brings. With hypnotherapy this is possible. Most therapies revolve around logic and blocking the physical need for a cigarette. However, the desire to smoke comes from the subconscious mind which is far more powerful than the logical conscious mind. How many of us know/have heard of a cancer sufferer who continues to smoke? Imagine a drug free, safe treatment with no side effects.

Are you a slave to nicotine? How will it feel for you to finally be in control?

Research shows hypnosis is extremely effective as a smoking cessation therapy with a higher success rate than nicotine patches/gum etc.

In 1992 the University of Iowa conducted a meta-analysis of studies from Europe and America. It showed that on average, hypnosis was three times as effective as other methods, and fifteen times as effective as trying to quit alone. The University of Washington medical school and The Texas A&M University also had similar results.

The actor Matt Damon used hypnosis to stop smoking claiming "it was the greatest decision I ever made in my life".

Ben Affleck also quit using hypnosis stating "I feel a huge difference in my health now I don't smoke".

The health risks surrounding smoking are well documented including: heart disease, cancer, COPD to name but a few. When you take into account the health risk factors, the physical cost of smoking, and the ever increasing social pressure to quit, it is easy to see how powerful an addiction smoking is.

Ask yourself this.

Do you want to quit for YOU? Or is there some form of external pressure? For example your doctor or partner may want you to quit. It is important that this decision is based on your needs. Hypnotherapy will only work if YOU genuinely want to quit.

If the answer to this question is yes and you are ready to quit NOW then we can help.


When you book an appointment with us you will need to allow two hours. The session will include an interview to uncover any existing belief systems and patterns.

We will also create a strategy that will help you develop new healthy behaviours to replace existing harmful patterns.

During the rest of your session we will conduct your therapy under a trance state, and may include an aversion therapy. Finishing with a confidence boost to permanently install the changes needed for you to remain a non smoker.

Before booking please ensure:

  • YOU are ready to quit NOW.
  • You don't attempt to cut down before your session.
  • You are sure your reason for quitting is for yourself and not because of external pressure.

The cost of the two hour smoking cessation session is £250 payable 24 hours before you arrive.