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COVID-19, lockdown and moving forward

I don’t think any of us could have predicted the events this past year or so! The look of bewilderment as supermarket aisles emptied. Masks, sanitiser, and queuing for basic items the norm, with toilet paper becoming the new black market currency! Travel restrictions, deserted streets, closed pubs creating an eerie silence reminiscent of a dystopian fantasy.

Fast forward to today where masks are normal and conversations revolve around vaccinations. Although overused unprecedented is an accurate depiction of the world today. All of this has created an uncertainty resulting in high levels of stress, and anxiety based disorders. The lack of stability in the job market and peoples’ ability to pay bills has caused many to suffer.

Anxiety and stress have long been known as the silent killer and at the clinic we have seen a huge increase in clients who are struggling. We also had to close at one point due to restrictions, and had to use our training to keep moving forward and stay positive.

We are now running four session packages to deal specifically with anxiety and stress. These are fully bespoke and everyone is treated as an individual. We also are offering a free, no obligation consultation. Message via the website if you want more information or to book a consultation.